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When purchasing a nursing cover for breastfeeding your new baby, it is important to maintain a few things in mind to make sure maximum comfort whilst breastfeeding and to get the greatest bang for your shopping dollars. Decide why you want a nursing cover. Is it to assist you feel more comfortable in public while breastfeeding or do you want to keep infant less distracted whilst feeding?

Most nursing covers are designed to offer discreet coverage for nursing mothers so that they can breastfeed their infant without exposure to others. Nursing covers are quite handy and frequently high on expectant mom's lists of things they would like to obtain at the baby shower. This is a great idea for first time moms because it most definitely will be used at the hospital post delivery, when every thing is nonetheless new and new nursing mothers are still uncomfortable with the procedure of breastfeeding. The constant stream of well wishers might make a new mom, currently unsure of her breastfeeding abilities, even more hesitant to feed her new infant naturally.

Nursing covers are also a fantastic infant shower gift for seasoned nursing moms who might use them whilst expressing milk by pump at the workplace, or spending time outdoors of the home - at a cafe, a restaurant, while shopping, or at the beach.

Here are the Top 5 Tips for selecting the right breastfeeding cover:

• Are you nursing a new born, or do you plan to nurse for an extended period of time? Generally nursing covers are geared for the first year of nursing and extended nursing might require you to move up to a much more generous nursing wrap. There are also plus sized options accessible these days that will fit the bill for curvy moms, these expecting twins, and those who plan longer term breastfeeding.

• How does your baby nurse? Does your child nurse from each breasts in one sitting, or do they usually feed on one side at a time? A lightweight, comfortable option should be chosen in either case, but it is extremely essential if your infant has extended feeding sessions because the infant might turn out to be overheated and uncomfortable if the nursing wrap is not breathable and soft.

• Nursing covers and wraps come in a variety of designs, fabrics and colors / prints - so you can buy a couple of and then mix and match with your outfits. If you wish to buy only one, consider your preferred color in your closet, and then choose a print or strong that is complimentary to most of your outfits.

• Are you looking for a full coverage nursing wrap that will cover your front, back and sides? Or is a nursing cover that only provides front coverage perfect for your needs? Chic designs are accessible in partial coverage shawl and apron styles that cover the front and sometimes sides, as well as full coverage poncho designs that give you 360 degrees of coverage - front, back, and sides.

•Have patience with learning the best positions and techniques for feeding your infant and know that you are providing your baby the very best nutrition possible.

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